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Frequently Asked Questions at Ladders

About Ladders

What makes Ladders different from all other job sites?

Ladders is the only job site that is dedicated to connecting employers with experienced professionals looking for $100k+ positions across a range of industries. Over 90% of our candidates have a Bachelor's degree, and 45% have a Master's degree or higher.

What is Full Access?

Full Access is our annual premium seat license which allows you to be more efficient as a recruiter. To learn more click here

What is Third Page?

Third Page™ is Ladders' proprietary solution for learning more about candidates than is typically shared in a resume. While the typical candidate answers around 125 Third Page questions, any candidates who have answered at least one question will have the feature enabled on their profile. You'll be able to see whether a given candidate is willing to relocate, their preferences for working on teams or working remotely, and learn a lot about the candidate's likely culture fit with your organization. It's information you can find exclusively through Ladders.

What are CityHire emails?

CityHire emails allow you to promote multiple job openings you may have in a specific city through a customized email. They are great for both company branding and for increasing job applications. For more information, please contact our sales team at [email protected]

Job Posting

How many jobs can I post?

Hiring Teams can post 1 job post each month for free. Hiring Teams can purchase as many Promoted Job Posts as they like.

Are there any types of roles I cannot post?

We do not permit any commission-only, financial advisor, part-time/contract roles less than 12 months, jobs with less than $80K in total compensation, or jobs outside the U.S. and Canada onto the site.

Will I be charged for posting?

You may post one job a month free with a Recruiter account. To post additional jobs, you will need to pay to promote them.

Is there a word or character count for job posts?

Job posts must be a minimum of 100 words long, and have a maximum limit of 5,000 characters.

Why is my job in pending and how long will it take to get approved?

All jobs on Ladders are reviewed by our teams to make sure all information has been input properly. After being submitted, your job is usually posted and approved within 30 minutes on weekdays. Jobs posted on weekends and holidays may take longer to be approved.

Why was my job rejected?

Please be aware that any commission-only, financial advisor, part-time and contract positions less than 12 months, jobs with total compensation under $80k, and jobs outside the U.S. or Canada will not be approved onto our site. If you would like more information as to why your job was rejected, please send us an email at [email protected]

Promoting Your Job

How can I ensure my job posting receives the highest exposure to candidates?

You can promote your job posting by purchasing a package of promoted jobs from our products page.

Our Candidates

How do you ensure applicants are qualified?

Ladders is the leading career and recruitment site for $100K+ jobs, and 90% of our users have a Bachelor's degree or above. We show your jobs only to candidates who have indicated that they are in your industry and salary range. In addition, the average income of our premium members is $145k, and 75% have at least 15 years of work experience.

How do you come up with suggested candidates?

Our algorithms are constantly being enhanced to suggest candidates based on the criteria specified in your search. These criteria are mapped to details in each candidate's profile, resume, and when applicable, their Third Page responses and other similar jobs.

How do I know if a candidate is actively or passively looking for a new job?

Ladders offers full transparency into how recently a member's resume was posted, as well as the member's last activity on the site. We periodically ask members with older resumes to update them. "Last active" is an indicator that someone who might not have recently updated their resume is starting to consider a career change.

Why can't I see candidate contact information?

Candidate contact information is available exclusively to our paid Full Access users. You can learn more about purchasing a Full Access license here.

Where can I view my applicants?

After logging in, you can access all candidates by going directly to 'Manage Jobs' and clicking on the number of 'Applies' to be directed to all applicants for your position.

Account & Settings

I can't remember my password, can you help?

No problem! If you've forgotten your password, please click on "I forgot my password" on the login page and we'll send you a link to reset it.

Why is my account in pending?

To ensure only valid recruiters and jobseekers access the site, every profile is reviewed by our team. Once your information is approved, you will be able to use our site. This normally takes no longer than one hour on weekdays. Accounts created on weekends or holidays may take longer to approve.

Why was my profile rejected?

To ensure only valid recruiters and jobseekers access the site, every profile is reviewed by our team. While reviewing your recently submitted profile, we found that certain criteria did not meet our requirements. If you would like more information about why your profile was rejected you can contact us at [email protected]

Can I sign up multiple members of a Hiring Team?

Yes, please contact our team for information on multiple seat licenses and Enterprise packages at [email protected].  For pricing information, click here.

Technical Issues

Can I automatically post all of my $100K+ jobs to Ladders?

Yes, you can send us a feed via XML. Learn more here and share our easy guide with your dev team.

How do I get my verification code?

You will receive an email with the verification code once you sign up for an account. If you do not receive this email, you can request a resend of it on our site and we will be happy to verify your account for you.

Does Ladders search require Boolean?

While we are fully Boolean compatible on Ladders, you are not required to use Boolean threads to search the database. Single keywords, job title, and locations will work just fine! See more tips here.

What browser do you recommend?

To get the most out of Ladders and ensure that your experience on the site is secure, we recommend using the most recent edition of any of the following browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Safari. We do not recommend using Internet Explorer, as it is no longer supported by Microsoft and may cause issues when using our site.

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