How do I maximize my search for great results?

Your Ladders search page is intuitive by design and equipped with Boolean search to effectively focus results. So how do Search and Boolean work? Search itself is super simple:


Begin typing, then click the required option from the dropdown that appears. If more than one option is required, repeat. You'll see your choices saved under the location box. Then choose your search radius from the dropdown to the right.


Click and move the sliding circles until the salary range figures above them match your range.


Click any check mark that isn't included in your desired years of experience range to remove it.

Boolean Search Success

Here's your step-by-step guide to getting fast results with Boolean on Ladders.

Sections Skills/Keywords, Candidate Profile, Experience and Education all have Boolean search options. Sections where mistakes are often made have a clickable "i" icon for on-page help.

  1. In Title under Candidate Profile you could type, for example, senior software developer. Your search would look for each word and show mixed results. Use Boolean to:

  2. Search an exact phrase using double quotation marks.
  3. Boolean image 1
  4. In Skills/Keywords combine Boolean operators: double quotation marks and parentheses.

  5. Boolean image 2

    Here we're looking for a senior software developer with experience in java programming and/or web development. The parentheses used around the two additional search items make the Boolean operator or effective and should always be used.

    Boolean image 3

    Here we're filtering our software developers who are not at the professional level we are seeking. The operator not excludes the item directly following it.

  6. Double, not single, quotation marks must be used for search phrases.

  7. Boolean image 4

    Using double quotation marks as shown above will group your words and get fast results.

    Boolean image 5

    Using single quotation marks as shown above looks similar but will not group your words.

  8. Boolean search operators and, or and not do not need to be capitalized on Ladders.

  9. Boolean image 6
  10. The ampersand & is converted into and and will group items, so either can be used.
  11. Boolean image 7
  12. Always ensure that double quotation marks and parentheses are opened and closed.

  13. Boolean image 8

    Look closely at the entries above. Most frustrating searches result in this easily fixed issue.

    Boolean image 9

    A quick glance over your entries can make a huge difference

  14. Don't use question marks, single quotation marks, asterisks, periods, or exclamation points. Below is a good example of how NOT to conduct a search on Ladders

    Boolean image 10
  15. Commas and semicolons are ignored and cannot be used to group items.

    Boolean image 11
  16. Practice your Boolean search techniques on Ladders and gain the long term benefit of fast, accurate searches and great candidates.

Saved search — don't lose those search results!

Once you've conducted a search, you'll see a Save this search link next to the Saved Searches dropdown at the top of the page. Click the link to save your search under any name you wish, then choose if and how often you want matching search results sent to your inbox.