Recruiter FAQ

TheLadders is the only comprehensive resource of community, products and services to successfully match employers and recruiters with vetted professionals who are the best fit for their salaried positions. We make the search for talent and career-level positions quick and effective.
Why did we do this?

Q: Why did TheLadders decide to provide services to job seekers and recruiters below $100K salaries?

A: We had three main reasons for our expansion to all professionals.

  1. Recruiters wanted it.
    • Our recruiter customers wanted the same great products and services they use to fill their $100K+ jobs for all their professional jobs.
    • Recruiters wished they could find the same kind of quality, vetted candidates for their sub-$100K positions.
    • The recruiting community was becoming increasingly dissatisfied with using other less effective, more time-consuming sites for their lower-lever positions.
    • They wanted a safe, fast and direct way to build more confidential connections with professionals at every salary bracket.
  2. Job seekers wanted it.
    • An increasing number of professionals at all salary levels were asking for a faster way to view jobs that are right for their salary range and function.
    • Professional job seekers wanted access to vetted jobs and recruiters and early notifications of relevant job opportunities.
    • They wanted a safe way to connect with recruiters that would not expose their job search efforts in a public online forum.
    • Career-driven professionals were frustrated with job boards and wanted something better.
  3. We wanted it.

    Expanding TheLadders services to all professionals was always our goal. Since our beginning in 2003, we've talked about this day. We're proud to now help recruiters find candidates for all their jobs and to help career-driven professionals at every level find the jobs that are right for them.

Q: What makes TheLadders different than every other job site?

A: We vet every job, professional and recruiter to help us match the right person with the right position.

Q: How does TheLadders ensure candidates are looking at relevant jobs and recruiters?

A: A trained job analyst vets each applicant on TheLadders and places them into categories we call bands. The jobs, recruiters and companies seen by each job seeker are filtered according to their band and their job goals. That means the professional will only see the right fits for them, creating high relevancy and saving them — and recruiters — valuable time. In the event that the applicant's information is in question, or the job seeker wishes to adjust their band, our analysts will request more information.

Q: What is a salary band?

A Salary band is a range of compensation that groups our job seekers' earnings to positions of similar pay. That way, job seekers see and apply to positions that are relevant to their job goals and career level.

Q: Will jobs be placed in bands based on total compensation or salary?

A: Jobs will be placed in bands based on total on-target earnings.

Can salary be confidential?

A: Recruiter can post jobs with confidential salaries but needs to select a salary band to help us match them with the right professionals.

Q: Will I automatically have access to all professionals within your community?


Q: When I post a job, what will prevent me from seeing an avalanche of unqualified seekers?

A: When joining TheLadders, the professional candidates must choose their current compensation, function, location and desired job goals. TheLadders will only present jobs for which the job seeker is qualified. For example, an IT professional earning $50K will never see a $125K sales position.

Q: Can a recruiter narrowcast their posting by salary bands?

A: Yes. If you're posting a job, you have the ability to send that job and hiring alert to specific salary bands.

Q: Can a job seeker be placed in more than one salary band?

A: Job seekers will be placed in one band at time of sign up.

Q: For job seekers who wish to keep their compensation confidential, how do we assign a salary band?

A: New job seekers submit their income range in $10K increments from $40K to $250K and we use this information for banding. For job seekers who were accepted into TheLadders community prior to our expansion to all professionals, we will place them between the $100k—$250K band. Professionals have the ability to change this upon request.

Q: How are we vetting candidates?

A: A real, trained employee at TheLadders vets every candidate to ensure that she or he is a professional candidate in their respective band.

Q: Will FitFinder be available to recruiters for positions under $100K?

A: Yes, FitFinder is available for ALL positions.

Q: Are job seekers still segmented by "Ladders" (salesladder, opsladder, etc.)?

A: We will only show job seekers positions that are relevant to their function, experience and job goals. While Ladders have historically helped organize our community, we've made the decision to remove them from the customer experience.

Q: Does TheLadders allow commission-only jobs?

A: Currently, we are only accepting salaried positions. We also do not approve Financial Advisor roles or contract positions under 12 months in duration.

Q: What's the new pricing model?

A: No change at this time. You can search, post, send hiring alerts, and connect to professional candidates at all salary levels for one price.